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☠️ The Great Reset 2020 – gif NFT collection – gif art generator – Gif NFT generator – NWO

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? In this video I’m announcing my newest & first animated gif NFT collection ☠️ The Great Reset 2020. I have finally unraveled the gif art generator and will consider doing a tutorial on it in the future. Leave a comment below and subscribe if that’s something you’d like to see! Now listed on for around $20 there are only 100 of these unique pieces in this rare collection

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Sick & tired of the same stupid profile style NFT projects of Monkeys, Lions & Bears? Oh My….
CRISPR has done it once again, deploying a revolutionary art generated collection of only 100 gif pieces. This collection was inspired by a Jackson Pollock splatter painting style but replaced with futuristic animated glitch technology. CRISPR uses classical statues to bring forward the idea of traditional art mixed with abstraction, conceptualism & futurism to redefine the term Avant Garde.

“It’s time we stop with all these “Blockhead” NFT collections & start making Art!” – CRISPR

The New World Order set into motion their 2nd phase of global domination in 2020 after running a decade of Artificial Intelligent simulations for the perfect result. The 1st phase was 911 & the 3rd phase is Transhumanity by 2030. They are trying everything in their power to change the end results of what they found when using alien technology called the “Looking Glass

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