【足本重溫 Full Version】Future Trends of Virtual Assets – How Marketable and Sustainable is NFT Art?

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Could you imagine that a jpg file would sell for US$69 million? The creator of the most expensive NFT (“Non Fungible Token”) Art to date is now one of the top-five highest earning, living artists. Other examples include the online platform “9GAG,” which sold an NFT meme artwork for more than US$34,000 last year. Why is it valuable? What’s the hype behind the NFT? And what’s the difference between owning an NFT and a screen capture?

The booming topic of NFTs shaken up both the art-world and the world of investment. It serves to certify the uniqueness, ownership, and authenticity of a digital asset, enabling a real market for both creators and buyers to trade digital works with more credibility and security. Some say the emergence of the NFT could prevent copyright infringement and provide artists with more opportunities to facilitate the popularisation of art and reach out to public; some hesitate and say that NFTs are just “a flash in the pan” and cannot be sustained in the long-run.

Is the NFT a new way for artists to achieve greater long-term income stability? In this talk, speakers from different fields including seasoned art specialist Heiman Ng, singer-songwriter Hanjin Tan, and Executive Director of LITE Lab@HKU, Brian Tang will join together to discuss how marketable and sustainable is NFT Art.

Speakers: Mr. Heiman Ng, Mr. Hanjin Tan, and Mr. Brian Tang
Date: Mar 2, 2022 (Wed)
Time: 18:45 – 20:15
Venue: Conducted via Online Platform
Language: English

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