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? Our Big Announcement | IMMORTAL Artist & Producer NFT Memberships

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? DM to get on early access list: @prod.immortal
Over the years of building this IMMORTAL project, we have been fortunate enough to have connected with so many talented and eager creatives. A lot of them getting into contact with us to help cultivate their craft. And that’s why we have decided to launch an IMRTL MEMBERSHIP NFT.

If this interests you, and you want to secure a position to receive the purchase link earlier than everyone else, respond to this email or dm us on instagram (@prod.immortal) with “IMRTL Members Whitelist”

The utility of owning an IMRTL NFT is you’ll have access to stuff that we’ve never made available before.

For Artists, you’ll get:
– Advanced access to beats before they go live
– Ability to purchase exclusives of beats before they go public
– Access to unreleased beats
– A unique store discount code for life
– Song feedback
– Private access to our weekly livestream

For Producers, you’ll get:
– Regular exclusive drum kits and loops (with 808’s tuned to C)
– Production technique’ discord chat where we answer literally any question on how we make our beats
– Server channel for sharing samples and presets with each other
– Store discount code for life
– Beat feedback
– Private access to our weekly livestream

Also feel free to contact us with any questions you have about the launch!

How to Purchase an NFT on SolSea ? via MoonPay ?⬇️

? Instagram: @prod.immortal
? Email: [email protected]
? Website:
? Subscribe (Let’s get to 6k!):

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