$120,000 for 1 Bird NFT art, NFT going to SPACE. What is going on?

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Billy and Jamie discuss some of the crazy news that has popped up this week in the NFT space as well as the film industry. Moonbirds, a bird PFP NFT art project that just started last week, has already shot up to $120,000 (40 eth) for their floor price. With that much liquidity being sucked out of the market, what does it mean for us artists/investors? They also touch on other astounding news such as Azuke NFT going to space with the Space-X crew, Deadfellaz being signed by a talent agency and Warner Bros. merging with Discovery. What does all this mean, especially to us artists? Be sure to check out all this news!

00:00 Prelude
00:13 Intro
01:11 Azuke Going to Space with Space-X and NASA
08:06 Deadfellaz sign with Talent Agency, UTA
16:23 Moonbirds NFT
37:32 Warner Bro. and Discovery Merger
48:27 Conclusion
48:48 Join Us

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