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5 of the Top Upcoming NFT Games in 2022 | Idea Usher

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The gaming industry is no longer the same as a few years back.

NFTs and Blockchain have revolutionized the way we play and earn. Who could’ve imagined that one can earn tokens and NFTs for the time and effort put into the games?

This video talks about 5 of the upcoming NFT games that one must look out for to earn exciting rewards.

00:21 Silks
00:39 Guild of Guardians
00:52 Polygonum
01:05 RaceFi
01:19 Phantom Galaxies

NFT Pros
?1. Value Growth
?2. Ownership of something unique
?3. Excitement
?4. Data Record
?5. Foster Marketplace Efficiency

NFT Cons
?1. Physical art can’t be digitized
?2. Uncertain Value
?3. Environmental Cost
?4. Illiquid and Volatile
?5. May perpetrate fraud

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