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All about NFTs & Art | Universal Legal | LawWiser

Know all the Jazz about NFT and Art in #LawWiser’s fireside chat.
Watch the full feature on All about NFTs and Art with with renowned artist and sculptor Arzan Khambatta and Anuradha Chowdhary, Tech Lawyer, Universal Legal.

Anuradha very succinctly explains what NFT means and Arzan takes us through how he took the chance to explore minting his artwork in NFT.
They also touch upon the other significant trend about Metaverse.

Together they explore:
⚡ rights and aspects that artists should be mindful of while going for NFTs
⚡ top 3 things an artist looking to venture into the digital world should consider?
⚡ what is Metaverse
⚡ How would NFTs work in the Metaverse?

Know about all the above and much more on #LawWiser

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