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AMC and Orange Comet Launch Daryl Dixon Motorcycle NFTs

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The realm of the Walking Dead is a dark and foreboding place, where danger lurks in every corner and only the best prepared will survive. Those wishing to cling to this mortal coil will need ample supplies, a base of operations, and of course, a trusty steed. All of which will begin circulating the blockchain in due course.

To aid the navigation of the Walking Dead metaverse, and to traverse its many pitfalls, masterful NFT firm, Orange Comet, will launch a series of vehicular tokens. The first of which will arrive in the form of Daryl Dixon’s iconic off-road motorcycle. A feisty and reliable feat of internal combustion with the power to outpace the undead scourge.

AMC Orange Comet Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Motorcycle NFT

Daryl’s motorcycle NFTs will hit the blockchain at 11am PT (7pm GMT) on April 14 for Walker Access Pass holders, with a full public launch occurring one hour later. At which point, collectors will acquire their sweet rides on a mysterious unrevealed basis, with the eventual designs and rarities making way at a later date.

Daryl Dixon’s Motorcycle NFTs

Orange Comet’s epic motorcycle collection will arrive in the shape of 5,000 NFTs covering 20 unique designs, spanning 8 different rarities. Each coming in at a grand old price of 0.08 ETH apiece. Collectors will therefore have the opportunity to obtain items from the common tier, all the way up to the highly desirable, Super Legendary items. Every one of which, represents an exquisitely crafted, metaverse-ready 3D digital work of art.

Furthermore, in tandem with the main launch, Orange Comet will conduct a 48-hour auction for a further 50 model-kit bikes. Herein, a fierce bidding war will see collectors compete for a chance to own an exclusive piece of the Walking Dead merchandise. Each model kit comes in one of four tiers of scarcity, and will be partnered with a premium land deed of equal rarity.

AMC Orange Comet Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Motorcycle NFT2

Airdrops and More

In addition to the vast array of excellent non-fungibles, owners of multiple items within the ecosystem may qualify for additional bonus content. Therefore, owners of a bike that matches the same rarity as their Walker Access Pass will receive an additional reward, ranging from Daryl Dixon 3D Rider for matching two legendary items, to metaverse-ready tools to use within the metaverse.

Future Drops

The only way to safely traverse the Walking Dead metaverse is through the application of non-fungible transport. So, to celebrate this wonderful gaming mechanic, Orange Comet will launch a whole range of vehicular tokens, in addition to character NFTs with the ability to operate the non-fungible machinery. Furthermore, arriving as supplies and accessories for the metaverse, gamers and collectors can also eagerly await ‘Tool’ NFTs via a series of additional drops.

AMC Orange Comet Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Motorcycle NFT

As the Walking Dead metaverse continues to grow, its sheer scale begins to reveal itself. Therefore, lining itself up as a vast empire of survival of the fittest style gameplay across an unforgiving landscape. A place where preparation is paramount, and the difference between life and death are the tools at your disposal.

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