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Bernd Oostrum | Co-Founder of Tezsure , PlentyDEFI, Naan Wallet | Built on Tezos | #Tezos #nft #DEFI

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Tezos India presents ‘Voices of Tezos India’. This show is dedicated to showcasing Indian projects created on the Tezos Blockchain as well as the teams behind them and celebrating the achievements brought by it.

In this episode, we speak with Bernd Oostrum who is the co-founder of Tezsure, PlentyDEFI & Naan Wallet. We speak about his journey into the blockchain, NFTs, Tezos Partnerships, and more!

Tezos India is focused on building the tezos community in India and assisting developers and businesses in adopting the tezos blockchain.


00:00 Intro
00:59 Bernd Oostrum
01:30 Journey into Blockchain?
11:40 Tezsure, PlentyDEFI & Naan Wallet
16:38 Why choose Tezos?
21:30 Tezos Ecosystem in India
25:26 Red Bull NFTs on Tezos
28:21 Mclaren, Red Bull, Manchester United – Brand Partnerships
33:10 Clean NFT on Tezos
44:32 Adoption of Blockchain in the next 5 years
52:20 Advice for newcomers to Web3

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