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Best NFT | Birdez Genesis NFT | Best NFTs 2022

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Best NFT | Birdez Genesis NFT | Best NFTs 2022

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Welcome to Our Best NFT Video!

Welcome to the exclusive flock of badass Birds with the goal of evolving the PFP concept into something meaningful in life.

What is BirdezGang?
BirdezGang is a PFP collection of 6333 pixel birds with badass style, crazy hair and amazing weapons with an ambitious vision to conquer the world and accelerate the world’s transition to NFTs. Composed of 1333 Genesis and 5000 Baby Birdez, they have the most powerful utilities in the entire space. These crazy birds are the guardians of our Birdez Kingdom metaverse composed of 6333 different plots of land that we are going to launch soon.

Birdez Genesis NFT

The OG Guardians of the Hodlers Kingdom Metaverse

Able to earn 10 $SEED/day, breed Baby Birdez NFTs, access to an annual IRL conference in Las Vegas
Each Genesis will mint a Land NFT for FREE that will become its new home in the metaverse, to meet people, invite friends and play.

Baby Birdez NFT

5000 (to breed)
The Badass Cadets of the Birdez Kingdom they hold the keys to access the game islands

DAO. Decentralized Autonomous Organization. They propose and vote to acquire high profile projects to bring value to the entire organization. They manage and protect the wealth of the kingdom

Birdez Kingdom NFT

(Coming Soon April 2022)
6333 Plots of Land NFTs

The FIRST hand drawn Metaverse to build, to learn and to play where everyone is welcome (while in the meantime you hodl a piece of true art).

Become the favorite home in the metaverse for Hodlers of Birdez and the NFTs space.

Large variety of resources to extract from the ground.
Build things with no tech experience.
Integrate your own token in your plots.
Host events and parties with friends.
Stake your land to earn (TBA).
Play different games to earn prizes.

Bring inspiration, innovation and education to every human possible about NFTs.

To accelerate the world’s transition to NFTs & Crypto so that people can live a happy, fun and joyful life.

People first
Birds eye view on everything
Good is not enough
Inspiring community
Long term vision


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