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Bored Ape Yacht Club Land Sale KODA Airdrop – BEST Upcoming NFT Project Opportunity of THIS YEAR

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Bored Ape Yacht club Land Sale KODA Airdrop – BEST Upcoming NFT Project Opportunity of THIS YEAR


Many of you guys thank me for the moonbirds call, people that minted made a lot a lot of money from that call, that’s why I got you covered and in this video, I have another terrific call from YUGA LABS LAND KODA Airdrop from Bored ape yacht club metaverse ecosystem project – which maybe even bigger than Moonbirds from PROOF Collective so I am gonna be showing you how to get whitelisted, how high it can go and whats the mint price for this project – so if you wanna learn more from me and how to make money with nfts please stick to the video and enjoy!

0:20 – 3:35 – What is Yuga Labs and Bored Ape Yacht Club
3:36 – 4:11 – What is Yuga Labs Koda Airdrop
4:12 – 4:42 – How to Get whitelist for Bored Ape Yacht club Land sale
4:43 – 5:22 – MInt price for the Land Sale
5:25 – 5:46 – Ape Coin Land Sale
5:47 – 7:20 Bored Ape Yacht club Koda Land Overview
7:21 – 8:54 – How high it can go
8:55 – 9:47 – Chances of getting KODA
9: 48 – 10:41 – How to Prepare for the airdrop

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This video will show you:

yuga labs land koda airdrop
how to get whitelisted
how to buy ape land
how to buy yuga labs land
bored ape yacht club land
how to make money with nfts



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