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Bored Apes Crash Ethereum + Solana Crashes Again | Can Crypto Handle NFT Gaming Yet?

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This weekend took a massive blow to the crypto community as NFT titans Ethereum & Solana suffered major gas fees and outages, sparking severe doubt in blockchain capabilities for NFT gaming (and transactions in general). The Otherside Metaverse NFT (Bored Apes) mint spearheaded by Yuga Labs is thus far the largest in blockchain history. The mint congested the Ethereum network raising network fees to as high as 8,000 Gwei. Some users paid as much as $7k in fees. Meanwhile, Solana again faced a crash as there has been an increased number of transactions flooded by the Candy Machine NFT bots causing network congestion. Blockchains often have an issue with scaling as they are quite inept in terms of handling the traffic that Web2.0 can handle without encountering major issues.

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~Bored Apes Crash Ethereum + Solana Crashes Again | Can Crypto Handle NFT Gaming Yet?~
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