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Build Your Own NFT with Hyperledger Fabric: Session Two

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A virtual workshop conducted on March 31, 2022. The content in this session is a technical workshop for developers that want a hands-on experience. You will need to be familiar with the material from the first session to get full value from this technical session. The second session will include:

* Basics of the Auction App which will be used in the workshop
* Auction App versus Typical public blockchain implementations
* Auction App code structure
* Hands on using the app – Launching, Registering, Creating an NFT, Transfer Transaction
* Home work on adding changes to support another type of media (e.g., music)
* Engaging with the Community and the Lab

This session was run by Mohan Venkataraman, Puneet Singh, Aashish Shrestha, Dilip Manjunatha, Sahinul Haque from ChainYard.

The auction application code is open source and is available as a Hyperledger lab at:

This is the second session in a two-part workshop. The recording of the first session is at:

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