Castles NFT Game | Top Items from April 27th AMA | Royal Courthouse | Dungeons

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The Castles NFT Game project team from MetaSource Cards team did an AMA on April 20th that lasted over an hour and 30 minutes. This is my attempt to highlight the key items for you in less than 15 minutes!

Updates include the Dungeon, Crafting, Raffle and Collabs!

Castles –

Castles Discord –

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Thank you!

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0:00 Intro
1:24 Carpenter Raffle
3:02 Logo and Website Update
4:00 Collab and Marketing Events
5:30 New Website and Branding
6:23 Royal Courthouse
10:28 Dungeon Update

Disclaimer – This is for entertainment purposes only. This is my personal opinion and NOT financial or legal advice. You’ll need to make your own decisions.

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