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Crypto Cell Phones NFT's – Collection #1 Jayden's Introduction HELLO!!!

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14 year old Jayden Sharpe lead concept designer with the Crypto Cell Phones NFT project sitting down to introduce himself.

Movie Credit Tales From the Hood 3 : Jayden Sharpe character “Miles” listed:

Welcome To The Crypto Cell Phones NFT’s Universe!! Get Ready To Make The Right Call… Our First NFT Collections Drops April 5, 2022 @ 8am CST!! On Opensea:

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Crypto Cell Phones are an NFT collection featuring 100 of cell phone inspired characters ready to fight for control of the planet CELLTON a digital cryptocurrency world. By owning a Crypto Cell Phone NFT you will have access to exclusive giveaways, connecting with us on collaborations, and be helping to rescue puppies from dangerous situations and getting them into safe family homes. Get ready to make the right call!

Welcome to universe of the Crypto Cell Phones. Crypto Cell Phones are cell phone life forms from the planet CELLTON deep in the universe. CELLTON is a planet with two factions. One faction in New Crypto, City which is fighting for a one world control and digital domination. Frank Crypto is a ruthless mad scientist and the Mayor of New Crypto, City. He has a secret army of mutated Zombie Crypto Cell Phones that he controls. Frank Crypto orders his Zombie Crypto Cell phones to destroy and raid the homes and businesses of the second faction of Crypto Cell Phones living in Utility Village. Mark Utility is the Mayor of Utility Village and is constantly fighting off Zombie Crypto Cell Phone attacks with his fellow Utility villagers. Mark Utility is also working hard to bring balance to CELLTON and keep cryptocurrency decentralized as well as a free CELLTON for all Crypto Cell Phones. Join us as we find out who will win control over CELLTON.

(1) At 25% we will using our Crypto Cell Phones to call Back to Pack Rescue Shelter and donate $1,000.

(2) At 50% We’ll be launching our own Crypto Cell Phones merchandise.

(3) At 75% we will using our Crypto Cell Phones to call Back to Pack Rescue Shelter and donate $3,500.

(4) At 100% we’ll begin developing of our first Crypto Cell Phones video game.

We are a family team passionate about dog’s + cats and the digital world. We hope to do our part helping 4 legged friends get good homes while being creative in the NFT space through our Crypto Cell Phones NFT Collection. Jayden and Aaliyah have a background in art and Chris has a background in marketing as well as branding. Isaiah is our young music man and up and coming guitar player. We also worked with an amazing artist Jodine. We can’t wait to introduce you to the world of Crypto Cell Phones.

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