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Crypto News: Okay Bears Solana TOP NFT Project Breaking Records, and Bitcoin Being Legal Tender

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Crypto News: Okay Bears Solana TOP NFT Project Breaking Records, and Bitcoin Being Legal Tender! Solana’s Okay Bears tops all Ethereum NFT projects in a single day. Central African Republic adopts Bitcoin as legal tender. Euro slides to five-year low. Blockchain projects aiming to disrupt the music industry. OpenSea acquires Gem and launches NFT marketplace Treasure Chess. Texas city Forth Worth becomes first government to mine Bitcoin in the US. New York state assembly passes ban on new BTC mines that don’t use green power. Panama soon to allow crypto as a means of payment with no capital gains tax. Optimism launches $OP token with airdrop for early users.


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0:00-1:08 Intro
1:09-3:20 Okay Bears Breaking Records
3:21-5:16 Euro slides to five year low
5:17-8:15 Blockchain Projects and Music Industry
8:16-9:27 Central African Republic Adopts Bitcoin as Legal Tender
9:28-11:21 OpenSea aquires Gem and makes move into NFTs
11:22-12:38 Texas City to Mine Bitcoin
12:39-13:37 NYC passes ban on new BTC Mines
13:38-14:20 New Panama Crypto Law
14:21- Optimism Launches OP Token



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