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CRYPTO & NFT'S For Music Producers (EXPLAINED)

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Getting involved in a stock like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or any other big conglomerate as an early-stage investor could provide HUGE returns for you.

You invest a little bit of ? in a company early on, it 50X’s over the course of a few years, and ? BOOM ? you make a nice buck from it.

The problem is that it’s pretty hard to know what some of these companies look like at their early stages…

Not to mention it’s “pretty hard to get excited” about companies like these for most music producers…

…at least that’s what my marketing genius friend Omari MC was saying to me when he was talking to me about social tokens and crypto for musicians.

If you don’t know what social tokens are or how you can use crypto to dramatically scale your influence, finances, and fanbase, this ‘How To’ Video sums it up pretty nicely.

But just in case you haven’t yet been convinced that crypto is the future for ALL musicians, I’ll give you the quick CliffsNotes on why I’ve recently gotten involved with it (specifically on a platform called Rally)…

? there’s a ton of room for financial growth because the value of coins on platforms like Rally are still relatively low (it’s kind of like getting stock in Amazon over a decade ago)

✅ you can collect Rewards from the currency you hold on Rally similar to a dividend you collect from stocks

? there are ways to literally get ? currency on Rally, which can be turned into legitimate USD

But most importantly…

? You can invest in creators you actually believe in. Award-Winning producers like !llmind have already created communities on the Rally platform, which have turned into their own community economies…

…which means you can literally make tons of ? just by increasing your influence.

The easiest way to think about it is kind of like combining a social platform like Instagram with a stock exchange.

Essentially, the more people believe in what you’re doing as a musician, the more people will put capital towards you, increasing your net worth and influence.

Which then means you DON’T need a label or bank backing you up with funding and you just need people that believe in your music and what you’re doing as a creator.

I’m sure you see the value in that, right …❓

00:00 Be the early adopter
02:50 How to utilize NFT’s right now?
19:25 What makes a crypto coin a great investment?
29:35 How to invest right now?
37:18 Get FREE coins
47:42 Crypto News & NFT’s, Common Questions

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