Decentraland with Stoney & Friends~MAGIC HOUR Metaverse

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Yes, Grandma went to a Party in Decentraland with Stoney & Friends ~MAGIC HOUR~ and danced. Going to the Metaverse for the first time was just a·maz·ing, what a great wonder ~ astonishing! Party starts every Wednesday at 4:20 with the Great DJ Stoney, so much fun. Oh, and No one knew I was coming, everyone was so kind to me and helpfull, thank’s Yoda for the conversation. Such fantastical music to enjoy, with Reggae and freestyle riff’s played by Stoney on his smokin guitar. Join the live show every week and hear the magical musical stylings of Stoney Eye Studios. Great tunes, mellow vibes and, tons of giveaways. Party on. At Parcel Party -120, -150 Presents: MAGIC HOUR – with Stoney & Friends Public, Organized by GrizzledGatsby Big Shout out! This video showcased Shakamon one of Cali’s most favorite and loved Reggae Artist. Check him out on Youtube @ Shakamon – Topic Never Catch We ·
Decentraland with Stoney & Friends~MAGIC HOUR Metaverse

Decentraland is an open-world metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can explore the virtual world by visiting Decentraland’s website, and investors are able to purchase plots of land in Decentraland and monetize them how they see fit.

Decentraland. Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano (both from Argentina) founded Decentraland, an open-source 3D virtual world platform, in 2015



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