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In this video we review Dogami NFT, a P2E project developed by a high class team of experienced metaverse project developers.

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The World’s first truly Augmented Social Experience, the Petaverse breaks the digital fourth wall to give players total immersion in an augmented social universe bridging the physical realm and the virtual world we express ourselves in.
As dogs are man’s best friend, it feels normal to bond the world with cute digital puppies. They’ll be your first medium to navigate the Metaverses.
The Petaverse is an open world where players will be able to roam around and socialize with like-minded people in a truly immersive experience.

Welcome to the Future of Gaming where true digital ownership meets gaming. DOGAMÍ combines the latest blockchain innovations with mobile gaming to create an all-new, amplified experience: the Petaverse.
Dogamí is a play-to-earn, Metaverse-ready, virtual companion. Gamers can engage in various activities in the Petaverse: adopt, play, earn, compete and socialize.
The overarching objective of the game is to develop the best and rarest Dogamí (virtual dog). Every Dogamí will go through different life-cycle phases: puppy, adult, and spirit. To level up the avatar, you need to nurture your Dogamí and participate in casual mini-games that correspond to real-life activities performed during different maturity stages of your Dogamí.
Every decision you take in the Petaverse has a direct impact on the future of your NFT and active participation will be rewarded in-game. Through activities such as training and exercising, you contribute significantly to your Dogamí’s evolution. Nurturing your Dogamí is essential for improving your pet’s Bonding Level and accelerating the growth of your 4-legged friend.
DOGAMÍ offers attractive play-to-earn mechanisms, as well as innovative Gamified DeFi Features. DOGAMÍ builds on the Tezos blockchain and issues the game-native utility token ‘$DOGA’.

DOGAMÍ aims to be the first stepping stone for a wide audience to experience the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) in a gamified environment & true digital ownership of your game avatars in our very own Petaverse.

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