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drumkoon.nft (Official Video)

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This is the first NFT Domain Name Song in music history. You can send #Ethereum or #Bitcoin via drumkoon.nft and support the artist directly, using the song title. Truth is Spotify et al pay peanuts to most DIY musicians as their system only benefits mostly major label artists at the expense of DIY creatives. Web3 nft domains offer unique opportunities to DIY artists to get crypto donations directly from music fans, thereby bypasing the GREEDY middleman by supporting the artist directly, with crypto payments using the nft domain song title to send support. The animation in the music video contains scenes from the award winning film by Drumkoon titled, A Can of Worms and the story is also a metaphor of the corrupt and greedy music business that many artists find themselves slaving under and earning peanuts while those who are rewarded are the music giants who exploit the system at the expense of the artists. The music industry is ripe for a REVOLUTION! The time is now. You can read NFT DOMAIN SONG TITLES WHITE PAPER by Drumkoon here



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