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Elrond to launch complete NFT platform. This should propel eGLD to new heights

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Elrond (eGLD) to launch its first complete NFT ecosystem. Elrond is an exceptional crypto blockchain, but has underwhelmed in the NFT department. This will finally change with the launch of Eneftor – which is due to land on the Maiar Exchange at the end of Q2 this year. It brings a long list of features which includes a launchpad and NFT staking. Those with stake-able NFTs will now be able to earn crypto in wrapped Elrond, locked Maiar MEX and the Eneftor token. The Eneftor NFT marketplace has already been running for 7 weeks and has processed 2,200 transactions at a total value of 650 Elrond eGLD. What’s more, the fees are tiny. Elrond fees are minimal by default and Eneftor costs are zero. It’s currently on its second round of seed sales – after the first round sold out with $6m invested in 26 mins!. Eneftor has been a long time coming for the Elrond eGLD ecosystem and there’s every chance this could be huge.

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TLDR – Eneftor is set to land on the Maiar Exchange in a few months. With its complete NFT ecosystem there’s a real shot this transforms Elrond eGLD for good.

The presale of Eneftor is live at



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