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Farming Tales NFT Game | Huge New Waxchester Updates | Windmill Auction | WAX Blockchain

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Big updates coming for the Farming Tales NFT Game on the wax blockchain. New Waxchester building sales start March 27th. More epic building blends and improvements to legendary buildings. Plus updates in the real-life economy and other awesome updates!

Game websites:

Farming Tales –

Farming Tales Discord –

Farming Tales ROI Calculator –

Atomic Hub –

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WAX: ulufu.wam
Gala/Town: 0xB858a6C1A20c210Aa1DaC5ec775611d776C4A115
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Disclaimer – This is for entertainment purposes only. This is my personal opinion and NOT financial or legal advice. You’ll need to make your own decisions.

0:00 – Intro
1:01 – Windmill Auction
5:58 – Major Updates
12:12 Recap

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