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Forgotten Chain is a new Play-2-Earn game that’s being developed as an MMORPG. Nowadays, they are really pushing on developing their NFTs, their MMORPG, and their Discord Community.

There are many various NFTs in-game, ranging from the characters themselves to the weapons and armor and items they use, mountable pets, and they are all involved in Kingdoms, Guild Systems and special high-risk high-reward game modes called the Danger Zone and the Dead Zone.

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Game Overview
2:03 Official Game Trailer
4:16 How to Earn (Tokenomics)
5:01 Gleam Event (ICO Whitelist)
6:18 How to Earn (NFTs)
9:09 NFT Sale and Discord Community Rewards
10:11 Outro


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