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Friendsies [NFT Projects Explained]

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fRiENDSiES are your forever friend. Your new digital companion and inclusion into the kindness community aka the garden. This collection of 10,000 NFTs are made and designed with love by FriendsWithYou. Choose from hundreds of character combinations including custom heads, bodies, sprouts, hand held items, tails, and more! These traits contain dozens of special 1/1s and extremely rare attributes to collect. Each fRiENDSiES is custom built during the mint by the collector with our one-of-a-kind NFT builder the FRENGEN. The entire collection will be built & curated simultaneously by our community.

The fRiENDSiES universe begins by generating your fRiENDSiES and will extend into the metaverse, real life experiences & art installations, limited edition items and ultimately creating an AR AI companion that will help bring joy to its holder and their community.

fRiENDSiES will be built in partnership with the community from the very beginning. Owning a fRiENDSiES will give you a voice as we evolve the brand in collaboration with the community through a soon-to-be-revealed community treasury, roadmap and royalties program.


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