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GET 100K+ MONTHLY with Fancy Birds NFTs

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Today I delve into the maths behind the Fancy Birds NFT Game and how you can stand to make a living playing Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird had millions of downloads and users when it first launched and now is the time to turn a profit off this new Play to Earn sensation. Play to earn will change the entire gaming landscape and you will be ahead of the game with Fancy Birds.

Fancy Birds is an NFT game on the polygon network that can be played from your mobile phone! It will be super easy to earn money passively by allowing scholars to rent your birds and enjoy the game themselves. Fancy Birds can be found on Opensea and the floor continues to go up!

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Please Do your own research before investing in anything, especially NFTs and Crypto…

This is not financial advice.

00:00 – Intro
01:10 – Fancy Birds Article
05:30 – The FNC Token
08:14 – Fancy Birds Earning Potential
11:20 – Fancy Birds Breeding
12:10 – Metaverse Tokens
12:45 – Fancy Birds Revenue


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