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Grow in the Dark | Ross Ulbricht Growth Collection NFT (Apr 2022)

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“Grow in the Dark” is a digital colorized animation made up of 318 individual black-and-white frames hand-drawn by #RossUlbricht in prison. This animation is part of the Ross Ulbricht Growth Collection NFT auction that takes place April 6-8, 2022.

– NFT auction:
– More info & full list of what the collection includes:

From Ross: “What began as a desire to track the development of my plant became a much bigger project. What are its surroundings? A cell? How did we get there? Am I there too? I played it over and over in my mind’s eye, imagining how it might look. However, I had no idea how laborious a little animation could be. A book light under a plastic bowl was my light. A marker pen, some basic geometry and sustained focus for many weeks. Oddly, I won’t see the animation myself, not unless I defy the idea it conveys and leave this case before I grow old and die.”

Ross does not have access to a computer in prison. The animation team added coloring, music and loop.



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