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How This Entrepreneur Created A Ramadan NFT w/ Mustaali Raj Ummahpreneur Podcast #83

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My guest today is Mustaali Raj – Who is the founder of 30 Days of Ramadan.
30 Days of RMDN™ is a genesis NFT series exploring personal stories during Ramadan — a month of fasting, self-reflection, and spirituality.

Mustaali Raj shares his most iconic Ramadan memories and experiences. Many are sure to relate. These virtual memoirs are presented as unique collectible artworks, which will be released each day during Ramadan 2022.

In this interview, I sit down with Mustaali to discuss:
0:00 – Introduction
2:56 – Flexibility in Freelancing
3:50 – The Entrepreneurial Journey
6:53 – One-way ticket to Thailand
7:40 – Digital Nomad
8:49 – New Environment & Creativity
9:22 – Why Vancouver?
12:52 – Why Crypto and Why NFTs?
14:50 – What are NFTs?
18:16 – The collector’s perspective
21:22 – Web 3.0
22:21 – Metaverse
25:50 – Opportunity to connect
26:10 – 30 Days of RMDN™ – The Inspiration
29:46 – Exploring iconic Ramadan memories
30:32 – Muslim inspired project
32:33 – 0.1 Ethereum
33:45 – The Mechanism
34:21 – The Process
36:17 – The Emotions
38:47 – How to purchase the 30 Days of RMDN NFTs
42:39 – The Bored Ape – An Early Adopter
43:33 – The emotional connection
45:54 – Showcasing a different perspective
46:20 – The future of NFTs
48:17 – Social Links (In the description notes)

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In this podcast, we interview Muslim Entrepreneurs to share the secrets behind their success, and break down business, mindset, and entrepreneurship from an Islamic perspective!

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