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How to buy a Token NFT on The MonkeyFirm

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The MonkeyFirm provides the ability to lock tokens into an NFT and list them on our marketplace. The below step-by-step video offers information on how to buy a Token NFT.

1. First, navigate to the table of token pairs on the left side of the page. Click on the pair that you would like to buy. For the purposes of this tutorial, we have chosen the USDC/MATIC pair. (0:02)
2.In the middle section, you will see the Token NFTs available to purchase. Simply hover the mouse over a yellow block to get more information on a particular NFT.
Hovering over a block will initiate a pop-up where you can a) “BUY” the TNFT directly, or b) “VIEW” the NFT in more depth before making your decision. (0:08)
3.For the purposes of this step-by-step we are buying the TNFT directly. To do so, click on the “BUY” button to make the purchase. (0:11)
4. Clicking “BUY” will initiate an approval notification regarding GAS fees. If you plan on purchasing more than one TNFT, you can save on GAS by checking the “APPROVE MAX” box.(0:19)
Once ready, click “APPROVE” to continue.
5. While your transaction is being approved, the interface will inform you of the pending progress. (0:21)
6. Shortly after the “TRANSACTION IN PROGRESS” pop-up initiates, your Web 3 wallet should also pop up. This step gives you the option of confirming the transaction. (0:23)
7. Once checking over the transaction particulars, if everything seems satisfactory, click “CONFIRM” to continue.
Should you change your mind about the purchase, click “REJECT” to cancel the transaction. (0:29)
The Web 3 pop up should close automatically.
8. Once confirmed, you should see a summary of the transaction details on the website console. (0:34)
Click “BUY” if you would like to continue with your purchase.
9. Again, you will see a “TRANSACTION IN PROGRESS” pop-up appear in unison with your Web 3 wallet. (0:38)
After checking the transaction particulars in your Web 3 wallet, if you are satisfied, click “CONFIRM” to continue.
Should you have second thoughts, click “REJECT”.
10. If successful, you will see a “TRANSACTION COMPLETE” pop-up. Congratulations! You have just purchased a Token NFT! (0:53)



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