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How to list your Token NFT on The MonkeyFirm

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You are eager to list some tokens, which is great! There are three ways you can List your NFT for sale.

There are three options when listing a Token NFT.
1. Listing a TNFT for a set sell price
2. Setting your TNFT to follow the Market
3. Using the price band feature which will follow the Market based on a percentage of your choosing above or below what the Market is doing. Please see the step-by-step for more information on the price band feature.
Below are the instructions for listing your TNFT for a set sell price. To set your tokens to sell using the price band feature, please check the price band step-by-step.

1. On the Market Page scroll down and in the bottom right you will see your minted TNFTs. Click “VIEW” to select which one to list. (0:02)
2. You will see the option to “LIST”, “REDEEM” or “TRANSFER”. Select “LIST”. (0:07)
3. The below example is to show how to sell for a set static price selling MATIC for USDC. To find out more about the price band feature, please check the price band step-by-step. Enter the amount you are willing to sell your Token NFT for. (0:10)
4. Transaction In Progress will appear. Click Confirm to finalise the transaction. (0:28)
5. Congratulations, your TNFT is listed. (0:38)



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