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How to Make Money with NFTs created using Appy Pie NFT Generator?

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In this video, we’ll explain how to make money with NFTs created using Appy Pie NFT Generator.

Appy Pie NFT Generator provides a wide range of NFT templates, along with custom NFT, to help you create your own NFT collection without any coding or designing.

You can use the following methods to make money with your NFTs.

1. Selling NFTs via OpenSea and Rarible
2. Trading NFTs
3. Renting out NFTs
4. NFT Gaming
5. NFT Royalties
6. Licensed Collectibles
7. Staking NFTs

0:00 Intro
0:21 Ways to make money with NFTs
0:27 List your NFTs on Marketplace
1:02 NFT Royalties
1:48 NFT Gaming
1:55 In-App Purchase
2:03 Stake your NFTs
2:22 Licensed Collectibles
2:27 Convert digital assets to NFTs
3:37 Outro

Create your own NFT :-

Create your own mobile app in easy steps without any coding :-

Create your website that works offline as well :-

Create Intelligent Chatbots without any coding :-

Create stunning images and more with Appy Pie Design :-

Connect Apps to automate workflows and improve efficiency :-

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