How To Make Nft Digital Art – [Raw Footage] Advanced Tutorial By Botzy

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Hey guys, I’m back with another super-detailed over-the-shoulder Botzy tutorial. In this video, I went full throttle and wanted to create something for the more “Advanced” Nft artist out there.

I want you guys to succeed and create the best collections possible. At the end of the day, we have families and we all need to eat right?

This video is rather long, in fact, it’s my longest video tutorial ever. But I will say, to anyone that follows along with their ipads from beginning to end, the tips and tricks shown in this video, will help you grow exponentially as an artist!

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The Tools And Supplies I Use To Create:

Paperlike (screen protector):

iPad Pro:

Drawing Software/App:
” Procreate” Found in the Apple App Store (runs about $15) approved by professionals.



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