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How to Selling NFTs On NiftyGateway??‍♀️❓?Nifty Gateway Tutorial for Beginners ? NFT Platform?

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How to Selling NFTs On NiftyGateway??‍♀️❓
Nifty Gateway ?is one of the most popular and profitable platforms. I will show you step by step process of applying for Nifty Gateway program. And I will tell you what needs to be done to increase the chances of getting on this platform.


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?How to make transactions on Binance Exchange, I will show in one of next videos.

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0:00 Splash screen
0:05 Intro
0:12 Create NFT
0:26 Write your Name
0:45 Write your email address
0:55 How long have you been an artist for
1:10 Which medium(s) are you best known for
1:33 What would be your primary goal when working with Nifty Gateway
1:50 Add links with your portfolio
2:24 Released NFTs on other platforms
2:44 Specific project for Nifty Gateway
3:23 Make a short video
3:57 A little advice
4:29 Final screen

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