How Will A Fully Decentralized Web3 Impact The Crypto NFT Art World?

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It was an absolute honor to have the one and only Maria Paula. She is the Co-founder Of JPG Protocol and the Founder and Managing Director of the Department of Decentralization.

Maria has been working in the Web 3.0 Space since 2017. The NewForum community was thrilled to hear her insights about the space, running her own Web 3.0 protocol, and her overall impression of the Crypto and NFT Art World.

So how did Maria get involved in the Crypto and NFT Art world?

“I am Argentinian, but I live in Berlin, and I got interested in Blockchain because of some obvious things; a currency that would be resistant to countrywide inflation and would alleviate certain things like corruption because of the traceability…”- Maria

A couple of years ago, the first iterations of DAOs happened, and Maria found it refreshing because it was about borderlessness and being in transparent and flatter organizations.
Maria started digging deeper into her discoveries, and around mid-year 2017, she finally found a job in web3.
She started working with a Web3 foundation that stewards Polkadots- an internet of Blockchains. It was an entry-level job because she had no Blockchain expert.

“I come from the Luxury Industry, so I needed to learn everything, but I made it my purpose to create a whole career out of this; I have been learning and climbing ever since. I am very dedicated to making this my world…”-Maria

Maria’s dedication and hard work have paid off over the years.
She has made quite a name for herself in the space; she is successful and an inspiration for many.

Maria and her Co-founders met on Twitter via DMs because they were very interested in the intersection between Blockchain and Art.
Maria added that at the time, NFT was booming.

JPG aims to bring together curators, collectors, and creators through a protocol focused on NFT curation; users can create their exhibitions of any Ethereum-based NFTs, forming a network of cultural relationships.

“I noticed that everything was exploding. I thought, how can I turn my knowledge into a business? Because until then, it had all been non-profits, and a non-profit is challenging to run. I was excited as well about the recognition NFT was getting…”- Maria

Don’t miss hearing Maira speak so passionately about the vision and mission behind JPG in her full interview. Maria also shared her thoughts on the essential factors needed to onboard more artists into Web 3 to launch their successful NFT projects. She discussed her experience working with a diverse group of curators, collectors, and creators from various backgrounds within JPG and what she looks out for when selecting a core team. Finally, Maria touched a bit about her criteria in choosing blockchain for her projects.

Watch full episode at 9 pm CET tonight!

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