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I created 3D NFT Collection, and this happened… | Voxel Friends "Michael Jackson"

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Hi! My name is Ka. I am NFT designer and voxel artist, and this is my new 3D NFT Collection of Michael Jackson. If you want to create your own NFT collection and need some help, feel free to contact me now:

Today I start creating new 3D NFT collection, Voxel Friends, inspired by minecraft and sandbox games. Everyday I’ m going to create new voxel character, with own unique name, vibrant colors and satisfying aesthetic. The whole NFT collection is going to be available on OpenSea, so if you would like to invest in my NFT art, find a link in the description below.


I create 100% original 2D and 3D NFT Collections for clients worldwide. I specialise in voxel art, but love creating any type of NFT art (pixel art, doodle art, realistic 3D NFTs, trading sports cards animations, NFT gifs etc.)


I can help you design, create and generate unique 100% original NFT collections from A-Z, which you can sell on any NFT marketplace (Opensea, Rarible, etc.). All my collections include metadata, erc721, solana, cardano and json files.


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