I will create unique NFT art collection 5K to 10K for opensea.

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I will create unique NFT art collection 5K to 10K for opensea.

We will do nft art collection for your nft project the collection will be more then 5K to 10k according to the requirements.

We will help you to grow your NFT business. I’ve already done many NFT projects including Metaverse and website minting. I will help you to create a base character or art design and it’s traits with multiple copies and clonings.
i have a team of 5 artists who can work at the same place day and night.

You’ll get:
1. Custom unique art design collection
2. Traits 5K to 10K
3. High-quality png’s
4. Fbx’s and obj files

Video Resolution:

Image Resolutions

What we can do for you?

1. 3D NFT art design
2. 3D NFT collection 7500,10,000+
3. 3D NFT game assets design
4. 3D NFT environment friendly art design
5. 3D NFT cloths design and animations
6. 2D NFT image design- illustrations
7. 3D cloths simulation
8. 3D flowers and plants animations

Client 100% satisfaction is our first priority. On time delivery with daily live updates.

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Manan Bhatti

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