Internet 2.o version METAVERSE| Explained by conclusion land

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What is Metaverse?
Metaverse is not to be seen as static; rather, it is a subset of the Internet evolution. From text-based chatting, we evolved to share memories through images, then video-based social engagement, and now, we are entering the era of Metaverse. Metaverse intends to give us next-level platforms that are even more immersive, enabling us to dive into the experience and not just look at it sitting by ourselves.

Everything that we do online today, playing games, meeting, working, entertainment and connecting socially, Metaverse makes it more natural and vivid. Thus, the best way to understand the Metaverse is to experience it yourself. However, it does not fully exist yet, but some of the basic building blocks are coming up though. Some Blockchain Metaverse projects are already up and live; they are still in infancy but expanding fast with technology, UI, and design advancements.

However, even if we don’t have the full-fledged Metaverse yet, let’s try to visualize what it will look like?

Metaverse is a great innovation in making, but it is still in its infancy. Many big tech giants, including Facebook, are investing in building their metaverses. Facebook’s Metaverse will be more of a centralized ecosystem, however, focusing on decentralized metaverse projects, let’s have a peek into some blockchain metaverses.


Facebook page:-





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