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Invictus Podcast – NFT Lab, Out Of Africa – Janko de Beer – Artist

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Welcome to the Invictus Podcast. As builders of the new financial system, we speak to our peers and industry leaders in the blockchain space. Topics range from finance to investing, TradFi, DeFi, digital assets, markets, the nature of money, distributed systems, trustless value transfer and the new future blockchain has unlocked. Come and listen to the builders talk.

Today’s host Shado Twala (@shadotwala) welcomes our guest, Janko de Beer (Janko_de_Beer), One of the NFT Lab’s participating artists.

Janko de Beer is a South African artist based in Cape Town. Originally a lawyer and Advocate in South Africa’s High Court, since 2017 Janko has been sculpting full time as a professional artist — inspired by contemporary futurism. Recently a finalist for a Global Art Award, Janko’s work has featured in many solo and group exhibitions, and in recent years he has established a substantial international following; his work has sold to private collectors in Turkey, England, Scotland, Belgium, Australia, Dubai and Monaco.

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