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Jordan Fried Founder – Watch Before April 26! ?

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Jordan Fried is the Founder of, soon to be the largest NFT Marketplace hub on the web that is empowering early supporters to have a seat at the table through Genesis Key NFT’s. You dont want to miss this interview. Make sure you watch to the end.

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?My Most Important Links?
– Mint Tokens and NFT’s on Cardano
– Trading Bot
– Official Website

? Cardano (ADA0 Tip Jar ?

? Social Media ?
Telegram: @Upstager – I do not negotiate reviews/features on telegram.
CryptoCrow Facebook:
– Official Telegram Group
– LBRY/Youtube Backup

?‍? Tools I Use ?️‍♀️
– Desktop Coinigy Clone With More
Cisco Miraki FireWall- Save 10% with code: CRYPTOCROW10
– Yubico Key – Protect Your Accounts
– Trading View
– Trade The Chain
– Crypto Sentiment Metrics

? Playlists You Need ?
– All About Cardano (ADA)
– Getting Started In Crypto

I have impersonators all over social media pretending to be me, so they can get something they want from you whether thats your phone number for SIM Swaps, BTC or ETH for project reviews they cant offer or whatever. If I’m reaching out to you anywhere on the web, chances are HIGH that it’s not really me unless I live video verify via Zoom. I’ll say your name live, maybe even sing a song.

Overall, I’m just here sharing what I learn, whether it be a cool crypto trading or crypto metrics tools and websites or just my latest understanding of something new, or old. Paid $15,000 for this sponsored interview.

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