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Kaiju Reborn a Solana NFT with a 10X potential

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Today I will be talking about the Kaiju: Reborn a collection of 1313 monsters. With a lot of potential. If Kaiju seems familiar, it’s because it is a de-rugged project that had so much hype and promiss since before the mint.

The team working on the de-rug is SerLabs. It is headed by Elijah, the General and George, the Captain which are fully Doxed

Elijah is a true OG on social media. He is known for his stunts and decades of marketing. He is a rapper, music producer, Tiktoker, comedian and he even owns a Bored Ape. He is also the founder of the Sol Survivor NFT cool first-person zombie shooter game that minted on the Taiyo launch pad.

So who is George ‘’the captain’’? He does regular workouts, animates games and makes sure everyone is having a good time! He also gives regular giveaways.

So why is buying Kaiju reborn the perfect time now?

First, there are mutation serums that costs 1000 $Kaiju coins, set to be released on Saturday.
second, the team and tokenomics are backed by the IRS… which means it is an anti-rug. The team is experienced, fully doxed and they give regular updates. They turned the project around really quickly.

Thirdly, they are putting together a solid road map and plan. They are also
working on a Kaiju game. Tony, who worked with EA, Nintendo and created the sol survivor NFT game is working on the Kaiju game.

FP is a steal at .25 SOL

Those who stuck-around are long term diamond hand holders
They have Long term plans and vision. Cool vibe in the chat, small close tight knite group.

Don’t forget, those who stick together in tough times, make it out strong.
If you want to know more I would suggest you take a look in the discord and talk to any of the mods!

Join the Crew:

Buy crypto on Newton:

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