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Meta drivers NFT marketing review

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Discover 3 things to learn from the Meta Drivers community :
1 | Explain simply. Use simple sentences, structured messages & respect the 3-second rule on Discord.
2 | Give exclusive benefits to exclusive Whales.
3 | Give details about your perfect timing.

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DYOR, NFA I just do a marketing review. This is not a call.


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I will post 2 kinds of content :
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“Let’s use Social Networks and People with Influence to hype Whales and Monkeys globally.”

This sentence sum up my vision of the NFT marketing game. You need to understand it BEFORE starting any NFT marketing plan.

?Hype. In the NFT world, everything goes faster. Hyping people in few hours is compulsory…or you’ll disappear forever.

To hype, you need an Unique Selling Proposition. It the answer of the question : why you are better than the others?

Then the hype is the association of a sharp UPS and Federated Communities of Believers.
The more people who believe in your project you have, the higher the hype will be.

The formula : USP + FCB=HYPE.

?Monkeys. Degen monkeys are everywhere. Each of us is emotionally shaking when it deals with making X100 !
Each project (even legit ones) has to hype to the Apes.

?Whales. They sometimes act as stupid and suggestible Monkeys…but when it deals with investing a lot, they look at the reliability of the projects.
Each project (even bullshit ones) has to hype the serious and logic part of our brains.

?Social Networks. There are the place where project creators convince their audience that they have not invested enough (time, money) in the project. Communication has to be sharp, emotional and interactive to be persuasive.

There are the places where project creators can
– Make noise (especially on Twitter)
– Can create communities from scratch
– Federate this communities around a common goal (especially on Discord)

By common goal, I mean a vibrant big Idea powerful enough to federate people around the world which totally don’t know each other.

To succeed, communication has to be sharp, emotional and interactive to be persuasive.

?People with influence. Has you have noticed I didn’t say influencers because there are 3 categories :

1 | The Influencers. 87% of shoppers were “inspired” by an influencer to make a purchase (mediakix, 2022). People are waiting for the influencers to make decisions. When influencers do a call on a NFT project, they approve that this project is the Trend.

2 | Collabs with NFT projects
When you announce that you support a other project.
In this case, you act like an influencers. Your community believe in you and, by pitching an other project, you transfer your credibility to this project.
And it’s the same for the your collab, they send you members who alread believe in you cause you’ve been “approved”.

The advantage of the collabs its that most of the Time its free. You swap your followers.

3 | NFT Medias for credibility.
If you have budget, you can pay NFT medias to gain credibility.

?Globally. Crypto and NFT family doesn’t have any borders. You have more in common with a crypto holder which is at the other part of the globe than most of the people you cross on the streets of your country. Each project HAS to go global in order to reach the moon.

And more than NFT, it’s the web3 movement which is going bigger and stronger in the next weeks, next months, next years.
More and more will believe in the web 3. From now, consider that your nationality and the one of your potential holders is just “web 3 citizens”.

?To conclude, DYOR and NFA are just prevention messages which can be easily destroyed by powerful marketing technics.
The crypto/NFT mass adoption will arrive in the next months and this marketing technics will be the game changer.



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