Metaverse Hunters (LOS ANGELES): Official Trailer Brought to you by Upland

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Introducing Metaverse Hunters! Join X1TheGamer and the UCN’s very own LOYLDOYL as they take you on a tour around sunny Los Angeles. Get to know the City of Angels even more, as the hosts show off iconic landmarks, hidden gems and some of LA’s most desirable places to visit.

Stay tuned for Episode 1 featuring South LA properties, followed by Episode 2 featuring North LA properties. Where will the Metaverse Hunters go next???

Disclaimer: UCN Member, LOYLDOYL, has never been given any information nor knowledge of Los Angeles Collections prior to, nor during the filming of this production. In order to participate, LOYLDOYL has agreed NOT to mint any Los Angeles properties until 7 days after the Los Angeles Collection Reveal.

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