Metaverse Stocks To Buy For Inflation In 2022

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? Metaverse stocks may be the best stocks to buy for inflation in 2022 ?

With smaller tech stocks and alt-coins getting crushed right now, the best option may come in the form of tech giants like Microsoft ($MSFT) who just acquired Activision Blizzard ($ATVI).

Or maybe Apple ($AAPL). This company is already dominating the mobile gaming market and is soon going to be making a play in AR/VR as their next step in the metaverse.

?Which stocks are you going to buy to combat inflation fears in 2022?

?Let us know in the comments below!


00:00 Intro
01:18 Metaverse Stocks
07:30 Inflation
14:10 Market Overview
15:25 Small Cap Tech Stocks
19:20 Large Cap Stocks
23:40 Space Travel Stocks
33:27 Energy Stocks (energy storage)
40:09 NFT’s

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Season 1 Episode 2


Many investors think of investing in the Metaverse only in terms of buying crypto and NFT’s, but there are many ways to play the metaverse boom such as the stocks discussed in today’s episode.

The metaverse isn’t all we cover though, Luke Covers inflation, tech stocks, space travel, energy storage, and more! Luke Answers all the questions Aaron has in depth!

With this information you’ll be ready to diversify your investment portfolio with metaverse stocks, and many other innovative stocks that will protect you from inflation.

Here Is An Extended Breakdown Of Every Question Answered:
Why did Microsoft Buy Activision
Can Microsoft compete with Apple and Meta in the Metaverse?

Is inflation super hot or peaking?
CPI and PPI numbers last week both came in at decade-highs, but they’re decelerating. What comes next?•
Core CPI Inflation minus food and energy
Consumer Price Index – How much consumers are paying?
Producers Price Index – How much producers are paying?
How is it moving month to month?
Difference btw year over year vs. month over month, and why is deceleration important, what does this mean for investments?

Small caps vs large caps. lots of talk about the divergence in performance between the two. how does inflation / rate hikes impact this?
How long does this go on?
So what’s driving this inflation right now?
Demand is leveling back out, but supply is still down. Is space coming back?

Virgin Orbit successful launch. Why should we be excited by this?
How Viable is space tourism?
Reusable rockets – can we put things in space at a regular rate?

What is energy storage and why is it a problem?
Why is Lithium Ion so game changing and is this different from Solid State Batteries?

NFTs are exploding, but cryptos are struggling. why the divergence? will it resolve itself?What will NFT’s be?



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