mEtaVeRSE trash. let me teach you what I know about crypto gaming. Why I AVOID any crypto with meta.

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0:00 – Intro
1:30 – Example of an unpromising “metaverse”.
13:15 – Example of a promising “metaverse”.

Like anything in marketing, when a new trend starts, you will have everyone and their moms trying to be either a part of it or cash in on it.

This is very clear with the “metaverse” a term being thrown around back and forth so many times that it’s making me nauseous. The metaverse is a tangible thing, combining more elements from the real universe (like socializing, earning..etc), into the virtual.

But many “game” companies with grand visions are trying to cash in on the craze, and most likely than not, never deliver any tangibly sustainable product.

Keep in mind, to make a successful metaverse game experience like Axie Infinity, they not only have to make a good game but create greater token economics that scale and make sense. Double, if not triple the difficulty.

Thus, if you are planning to buy membership into this turbulent sector of the blockchain, I believe it’s important to be pessimistic, logical, and have realistic expectations. That’s why my philosophy is to get into projects with fun games that the team already has working (or somewhat working) betas of, are fun, and can be scalable in terms of player-base and their “tokenomics”.

Just a bit about my philosophy when it comes to buying membership (tokens) into crypto gaming projects.

I guess I’m supposed to say this or something (common sense):
NOTHING I say is financial advice. I am not qualified in anything. I just make videos n stuff when I’m slightly tipsy/bored about stuff I like. Do your own research frens.



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