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Most Expensive NFTs In the World – Expensive and Famous NFT Sales of All Time | 3D Comparison 2022

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Most Expensive NFT Art ! Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold in the World to sell at auction is Pak’s ‘The Merge, which sold for $91.8 million.

It’s difficult to say, as things in the NFT ecosystem are growing and evolving rapidly. And as time goes on, many new artists are becoming millionaires, and more and more celebrities are spending seven figures on Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs , The First 5000 Days, CryptoPunk, (and others!). But although we can’t say how high the numbers will climb, we can say what the highest selling NFTs are so far.

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Expensive NFT’s Ever sold
Most Expensive NFTs In the World
Most Expensive NFT Ever Sold
Most Expensive NFT Ever Sold At Auction



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