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New NFT | Cryptoys NFT | Cryptoys NFT | New NFT Projects

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Welcome to our New NFT video!

Say Hello to a New Breed of NFT
Fun, playful, and fully interactive. Cryptoys blends toys, collectibles, and gaming to unlock a whole new world of possibilities.

What Are Cryptoys?
Cryptoys are a new generation of digital toys that live on the blockchain. They are fully interactive and evolve over time unlocking new capabilities, games, and experiences – and because they’re NFTs, they’re truly 100% yours.

Unbelievable Unboxings
Cryptoys come in CryptoyCubes, an interactive digital unboxing experience unlike any other.

When you unbox your CryptoyCube you’ll find a random, newly minted Cryptoy – with some variants being more rare than others. Collect them all and build out your squad!

Interactive & Intelligent
Cryptoys are interactive digital toys that come alive the minute you play with them. Cryptoys can respond to you in a variety of ways, grow smarter, and can acquire more skills the longer you interact with them.

Stylin’ & Profilin’
Personalize your Cryptoys with exclusive accessories and clothing to make your Cryptoys more unique. Each item is an NFT you can buy, sell, and trade with others in the Cryptoyverse.

Talents & Skills
You can give your Cryptoys new talents and capabilities with Gems.

Each Gem is an NFT you can purchase to unlock new powers, games, intelligence, and integrations.

Plug & Play
Cryptoys will be playable in a variety of games, applications, and experiences inside the Cryptoyverse: a fully interactive world that’s always growing and ever-evolving.

Powerful Partnerships
In addition to our own lines of Cryptoys characters, we’re working with world-class brands and studios to bring their IP to life inside the Cryptoyverse.

Partners can leverage the full-stack Cryptoys platform to turn their characters into fully interactive, unique, and collectible digital toys.

About Cryptoys NFT:
The team is Entering a New Era for Toys, Collectibles, and Games
One where the possibilities of fandom are limitless and unrestricted by the physical limitations of manufacturing, supply chains, or retail.

At Cryptoys, we’re building an NFT-native digital toy company from the ground up. One that connects you with people around the world and reimagines what’s possible when it comes to toys, collectibles, and gaming.


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