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NEW NFT on Ethereum Classic that will sell out – MonkeyDoo

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MonkeyDoos are a collection of 3,000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are made of a large number of high quality visual traits. Each MonkeyDoo is unique in its own way, but not equally rare. The MonkeyDoo collection includes dozens of rare layers that make some NFTs more valuable than the others.

Owning a MonkeyDoo allows you to be part of the upcoming and original community on the ETC blockchain. The minting is completely random and allows every minter a fair chance of owning the top rare MonkeyDoos for just one $ETC.

Join the the MonkeyDoo community:
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The text below is for the Google algorithm:

This is why Ethereum Classic is in a great path:

One. The Discovery Logic.

As ETC is discovered by the market (as seen by growth in all metrics in the last 8 months) then developers will start discovering its use cases.
Business development roadmap that the ETC ecosystem should focus on.
The ETC ecosystem will affirm the Proof of Work based Nakamoto consensus and Ethereum Classic’s highly secure model and sound monetary policy to ensure its original Cypherpunk principles of trust minimization so the market will keep discovering ETC’s value and use cases.

To do this the ecosystem will follow a highly secure and conservative technical roadmap.

It will add technologies that will make its mining algorithm more efficient and secure; enable full interconnectivity with other base layer and layer 2 systems; ensure backward compatibility of smart contracts in all future upgrades; and reduce bloat of the blockchain to increase node count globally.

In the process, the ETC community will reject technologies that risk centralization or undermine the full capacity of Nakamoto consensus. These include the proposed Treasury, checkpointing, sharded Proof of Work, and eventually eliminating MESS.

The same process of discovery mentioned happened with Bitcoin and the Internet in general:

In 1994 Google, Netflix, and Facebook did not exist, but as time passed and the technology evolved, new use cases were discovered and built by startups and developers.

Bitcoin is 12 years old, and only now institutions, corporations, and governments are discovering its use cases.

The same evolutionary cycle will happen with Ethereum Classic but faster.

The technological discovery S curve that ETC will follow.
This is why Ethereum Classic is in a great path, but will probably be quicker because Bitcoin and Ethereum 1.0 already paved the way for it.

Two. The Positioning Logic.
ETC is in a very unique position in the blockchain industry.

It is the 6th largest Proof of Work blockchain in the world.

However, it is an inexorable reality that when Ethereum 1.0 migrates to Ethereum 2.0, then ETC will become the largest POW, fixed monetary policy, programmable blockchain in the world.

Not only that, but ETC is in a really distinct niche, totally different than all the other large blockchain systems in the world.

All the other large chains are either Proof of Work but not programmable, or programmable but with the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, which is known to be more scalable but much less secure than POW.

To recap, there are 2 great external opportunities that will enable ETC to grow exponentially:

First opportunity is Ethereum 1.0 will migrate to Ethereum 2.0 very soon, leaving the space open for ETC to occupy it.

Second opportunity is. As Bitcoin and the other POW blockchains are not programmable at the base layer due to their UTXO model, ETC will be much more versatile and useful at the base layer.

Evolution of the blockchain indutsry. How ETC will become the second largest proof of work blockchain in the world.
Evolution of the blockchain industry. How ETC will become the second largest proof of work blockchain in the world.
As seen in the table above, when the whole blockchain industry becomes fully layered, ETC will move to surpass the other Proof of work chains at the base layer or Layer one and become:

The largest POW smart contracts blockchain in the world.

The second largest POW blockchain in the world.

Three. The Price Predictions Logic.
As Bitcoin is digital gold and ETC is programmable digital gold because both have identical monetary policies (for example BTC has a hard cap of 21 million, ETC has a hard cap of 210 million, and both decrease their supplies logarithmically) then the best analogy for predicting their price is the market capitalization of gold.

Ethereum Classic price predictions by expected crypto bull market cycles, based on gold and Bitcoin estimates per cycle.
Ethereum Classic price predictions by expected crypto bull market cycles, based on gold and Bitcoin estimates per cycle.
As gold inflates in price into the future due to lax central bank monetary policies worldwide, it will likely reach a valuation of at least $11.2 trillion by 2029.



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