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In our behind-the-scenes video, you can see the process of creating these NFTs – both the original mural and recording Chris’s brainwaves, as well as backstage experimenting with additional unlockable content — “Chris Dyer’s Brain Violin Duet”.

“In the beginning, all was darkness. The Creator came forth from the waters to bring forth light. He made the sun, moon, and stars… the land and the sky… and He made mankind by breathing into stones.” – Ancient Incan Creation Myth

Here Chris breathes life into the brick thru his watery essence. Telling the karmic story of rebirth and the cycle of all life, matter, and existence. According to Incan legend, The Creator’s two sons were sent to awaken the people and tell them their stories… one to the East and one to the West, represented here by the two Fishbombs sent out in either direction. The animation documents their discovery of unconditional love thru the opening of the Heart Chakra and the discovery of one’s true self thru the opening of the Crown Chakra.

The unique soundtrack of each Fishbomb was created directly from Chris’s subconscious by the NEXVOX AI Technology which translates the subject’s brain activity into a personal soundtrack. Utilizing a custom-designed collaborative soundset, Chris was strapped into an EEG headband as he was creating the brick and mortar mural enabling him to hear the symphony of his mind as he was painting. This created a contemplation feedback loop as “mind became music, music became art, and the art was recognized by the mind” and on and on.

Grammy-winning and recognized co-creators of the NEXVOX technology, Masha Brodskaya and Brian Forbes looked on as their Genesis NFT was created (as shown in our BTS video footage). The final and crowning ingredient was the narrative animation of our award-winning animator Gabriel Genesis which fused all three elements into one.

The “Portraits of The Mind” collection features the Brain-Wave Music of Exceptional Human Personalities, Artists, and Creators, captured in this unique Neurofeedback-based Audio-Visual Experience.

The BTS Video was filmed and edited by Leo Shpitalnik.



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