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NFT 016 Trance Music by DJ MaDx – Guest Mix Nico Suffis (Mintable Sound / Opensea Tune) Meta Rave ?

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NFT Edm Radioshow is a New way to express our love to Edm and art!
This week we have a great 2 hours guestmix from dj Nico Suffis ???

Dj Nico Suffis is from Belgium.
He starts to listen trance in the beginning of 1993.
First he was just a listener.
He started to buy records in local big recordstore called Music Man in Gent.
Then in 1996 he decided to buy 2 record players and started to learn.
His record collection is 7000 records.

Now he is djing for 26 years.
He decided to keep it as a hobby.
Then 7 years ago he started my Soundcloud Page, and mixes the famous Tribute

There is also a chance to be part of our NFT show. If you have NFT photo, video, music or smth else and you wanna be a star in a videostream worldwide write us.
[email protected]
[email protected]
Will wait your messages till the next episode.

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