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NFT Bull Run Signs as OpenSea Daily Volume Record Hit

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NFT Bull Run Signs as OpenSea Daily Volume Record Hit

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NFT Bull Run Signs as OpenSea Daily Volume Record Hit
The NFT bull run gives indications of going on in Q2 2022 as OpenSea exchanging volume hit another 24 hour record high in Ethereum on May first.
The OpenSea everyday volume hit more than $476 million worth of ETH exchanged on Sunday May first, another OpenSea all time record as per examination.
That followed on from a 40% ascent in ETH exchanging volume for NFTs April 2022, coming to nearly $3.5 billion last month contrasted with $2.5 billion in March.
OpenSea Daily Volume Record
May first was the day Otherdeed for Otherside NFTs sent off on OpenSea, virtual land in the Bored Apes metaverse.
Interest for those was high and their marketcap hit more than 350,000 ETH in the span of 24 hours, setting them inside the main 5 biggest NFT assortments.
New financial backers might join the NFT bull run may now as yesterday Elon Musk changed his profile picture on Twitter to a collection of BAYC NFTs. That prompted a 13% siphon in ApeCoin (APE).
There has additionally been a flood in interest for Ethereum Name Service NFTs (ENS areas). ENS NFT exchanging volume has risen 2000% in the previous week.
Bitcoin and Ethereum revitalized 5-6% following the Wednesday FOMC meeting as the crypto markets responded emphatically to declarations by the Fed of a 50 premise point ascend in loan fees.
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