NFT Games Free To Play | Playzap NFT | NFT Games 2022

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NFT Games Free To Play | Playzap NFT | NFT Games 2022

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Welcome to our NFT Games Free To Play Video!

PlayZap brings play-to-earn, skill-based games to the mainstream casual player’s user base to compete against other players, win crypto tokens, and NFTs.

PlayZap is a play-to-earn community-driven gaming platform where players can compete on proven and highly engaging skill-based competitive games to win various crypto rewards.

PlayZap is a platform built for real-time, multiplayer online games. Our goal is to develop an infrastructure that can power online games that are both fun and engaging for our players. At the same time, we want to build a platform that generates revenue for game developers and content creators, while also rewarding the users for their time investment and their focus. We’re building a framework that will allow anyone to create and publish multiplayer online games on the blockchain, with all the tools needed to succeed.

Digital assets owners will be at the forefront of this new era of gaming where non-fungible tokens and blockchain tech will transform the industry as a whole.

Their team includes experts in game development and blockchain technology with everyone highly motivated to bring an Esports styled experience to the casual player’s community with fair rules and a secure environment for them to compete in and win tokens.

On PlayZap, a variety of skilled, competitive games are set to be published either by our in-house team or by second and third-party developers and partners. Each entry of our roster will test our users’ abilities while letting them earn $PlayZap tokens and build their reputation as gamers.

Their platform is built on a decentralized blockchain metaverse, and we are the only institution in the space that rewards players on the sole basis of their in-game performance. We provide a space for users of all backgrounds and skill levels to compete for glory and rewards, on their terms, in the games they love.

Their goal is to bring a mainstream audience of non-developer enthusiasts and gamers together into the world of blockchain gaming. PlayZap is the first app that allows users to connect their favorite dApps games to our platform, enabling them to trade, search, use, and sell their favorite NFTs and ERC-721 tokens in all different dApps.

PlayZap allows users to easily manage their digital assets across blockchains and enables them to trade and exchange these digital assets with other players or with the PlayZap marketplace. Users can also use their PlayZap wallet to store their NFTs and ERC-721 tokens and sell them for $ZAP, which is the in-game currency of the PlayZap metaverse.

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0:00 Introduction
0:28 GameVision
1:11 ZapVerse
1:43 ZArenaNFT-Marketplace
2:12 ZPayWalletNplatform for game creator
2:33 playzap token
3:00 Ecosystem
3:36 Economics
4:19 roadmap
6:32 Theme
7:10 game partners
7:30 twitter



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