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NFT Miami: Wyclef Jean, French Montana, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Mark Cuban and EarthFund

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Hey Earthlings ?

Miami NFT Week was incredible. See the conference from the inside with Alex V (and from the air, thanks to our drone pilot), complete with guest appearances by Wyclef Jean, French Montana, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and Mark Cuban!

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0:00 NFT Miami x Earthfund 2022 Event
0:47 French Montana NFT Speech
1:12 Miami Mayor Francis Suarez NFT Speech
1:47 Meeting French Montana at NFT Miami and Talking Crypto
1:56 Mark Cuban x John Salley Talk NFTs
2:07 EarthFund Promo Trucks at NFT Miami
2:37 Alex V Talking at NFT Miami
2:42 Wyclef Jean Talking Crypto with Alex V
2:47 NFT Miami Video Wrap Up

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